10 Makeup Tricks That Will Instantly Make You Look Younger


It seems like only yesterday you were coating your lids with eyeliner and mascara in an attempt to look old enough to creep inside that R-rated picture. Now? You’re desperately trying to find the fountain of youth.

While we invite you to embrace your era and the natural beauty that includes it, we do understand the desire to appear marginally younger. We have already demonstrated a few makeup habits which make you look old, but if you’re trying to find a surgery-free approach to turn the clock back, have a look at the tips below.

1. Look after your brows

Your eyebrows shouldn’t be an afterthought. Beauty pro-Taylor Chang-Babaian tells Total Beauty your eyebrows start to thin out and droop as you become older. Not only will producing the illusion of fuller eyebrows keep your face looking young, but it’s also going to complement the rest of your features, too. Luckily, you can highlight your brows’ natural silhouette with a brow pencil. Before buying, just be sure the pencil matches your own hair color. We don’t understand what message mismatched eyebrows will give off, but it’s unquestionably not youthful.

2.Curl your lashes

Using an eyelash curler might seem archaic, but it’s actually instrumental to appear younger. Once perfectly buoyant lashes begin to flatten when you are about 35 years old, Allure reports. There are a lot of different ways to curl your lashes, whether you invest in a heated curler or try the good spoon tip, emphasized on Into The Gloss. No matter which option you pick, sweep on some volume-enhancing mascara for the ultimate finishing touch.


3. Moisturize

Keeping your skin nourished seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re rushing out the house or too exhausted by the end of the day, exfoliating can be a simple step to overlook. Slathering serums, creams, and lotions on your face daily matters, though.

Beauty website Birchbox notes hydration keeps the skin in tiptop condition and can help cells repair themselves at lightning speed. By embracing this habit early on, you’re less likely to build tons of wrinkles than you’d with a drier face. While shopping for a moisturizer, then keep your eyes peeled for hydrating ingredients like vitamin E. If you are in a pinch, coconut oil can work wonders, too.


4. Utilize a brown eyeliner

It is time to throw out that dark eyeliner. While the hue provides a dramatic flair to almost every makeup appearance, it’s a bit extreme. And based upon your age, it can make you look older. Rather, Allurerecommends adding a brownish liner to your cosmetics case. “Deep brown gets the effects of black, but looks less jarring,” makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen told the book. “It provides you all of the intensity, but in a more sophisticated, subtle manner.” While we’re on the topic of eyeliner, do not heap on the pen, either. A thin line is going to do just fine.

5. Get rid of the deep lip

A dark oxblood or Bordeaux lip is very trendy, but it will not do you any favors. Over time, your lips begin to thin out and look less defined. Though your pout will seem fashion-forward, the deep hue is only going to enhance their signs old. For a fuller appearance, Elleurges you decide on a neutral or pale pink lip. If you really can not part ways with the of-the-moment color, consider using an utter alternative.

6.Add some blush

Want to add some heat into your cheeks? Simply apply a bit of blush. This makeup step might be a no-brainer, however, it is very important to use the right type. Harper’s Bazaar says a cream blush works better with most skin types, and it is very simple to combine. Additionally, it is important to note you need to apply it correctly. If you want the best results, Elleinstructs you to begin at the apple of your cheeks and sweep your blush back and up.

7. Choose the right foundation

You would not add a harsh bronzer to just your own face, so why can you pick the wrong base? According to Elle, it’s about finding the right balance. Too light and you’re going to seem frail, but too dim and your face will look heavy. Unfortunately, finding a suitable shade for your own skin is a matter of trial and error. You’ll also want to check the base on both your face and neck to ensure that you’re getting the right color.

8.Use eyebrow

If swapping out your darker lipstick to get a lighter hue doesn’t cut it, you might wish to think about adding a liner into the mix. Your natural lip line starts to fade as you get older and, based on Allure, it makes it increasingly challenging to keep your lipstick in place. Not only will adding a lip lining to the mixture keep your pout looking glossy, but it can also help enhance your lips’ natural form. Anyone who rocks a touch shade should look for a liner that’s a shade lighter than their lipstick, but a clear liner is a cheap alternative for those beauty trailblazers.

9. Apply eyeliner to a top and bottom lids

If it has to do with eyeliner, everybody has their preference. If you only put the liner in your shirt or bottom lids, you may want to consider doing both. Tracing your eyes in a kohl lining is a great way to make your eyes pop up, plus it is going to brighten up the remainder of your head. Between this and adding a subtle brownish liner to your makeup routine, you’ll have younger peepers very quickly.

10. Incorporate a highlighter to your own beauty regimen

You might have seen a lot of highlighters lurking on your go-to attractiveness shop’s shelves, but do you know what a highlighter does? In accordance with Allure, they can be very helpful in turning back the clock for a couple of years. “It prevents the flat-face look,” Reiss-Andersen told the beauty site. “It adds a very subtle, young, and fairly dimension to your features.” If you want to bring a little extra dimension to your face without looking too glistening, apply a sheer, lightweight formula to your cheekbones.


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