7 ways to make short, thick legs look slimmer


When you are rocking strong calves and ankles, its not only finding clothing with shorter leg and hem lengths that’s a battle, but ones which also include a wider match to suit muscular thighs, and boots that zip up over wider calves. We speak to a lot of women who struggle to find flattering ways to groom a bigger bottom half, however, do not give up, help is at hand! Even though you can’t alter the natural shape of your thighs and ankles, there are some very simple styling suggestions which can allow you to feel confident when you’re getting dressed.

Listed below are 10 tried and tested tips that will work like magic to slender short thick thighs.

This might seem obvious, but if you do not want people to examine your legs, then pay attention to your top half. Pick a plain skirt or pants and draw up the eye with a printed top and wear accessories such as scarves and announcement necklaces. This suggestion will make your legs appear longer that is crucial for petite girl having shorter legs.

Choose drapey fabrics

This works for both trousers and skirts. For petite woman with thicker calves, wide leg, flowing trousers should be your wardrobe go. Pick a pair with a high wait to elongate your legs and discreetly cover your calves. A drapey maxi skirt may also work.

Try a Complete skirt

We understand how tempting it is to avoid skirts complete stop when you have thicker legs and ankles, but you really don’t have to! The rule that we adhere to, is the broader the hemline, the thinner your legs look. So steer clear of pencil skirts and go for fifties style A-line skirts. They work like magic to create your ankles and elbows seem thinner compared. Pick one that sits just below or above the knee since this will make your legs look longer.

Find the best pair of pants

Find a pair of perfectly cut trousers in a dark color and you will never be stuck for something to wear to work again. As a general rule, avoid anything too tight fitting and also stay away from capri trousers that complete directly onto the calf.

Wear black opaque tights

Black opaque tights are a wardrobe saviour. When the weather permits, wear yours with some black sneakers and they will make your legs appear to move on and on while shedding your calves and ankles.

Heels would be your Very Best buddy

A medium height, chunky block heel will balance out your calves and make your ankles look much slimmer. By comparison, stilettos or kitty heels can exaggerate massive calves so try to avoid them. For petite woman who want a boost, a medium height heels will also enable you to feel more confident and assertive thanks to the additional inches.

Avoid ankle straps

Avoid drawing attention to your issue spots by tying or buckling anything around your ankles. It will only make your elbows and ankles look wider. Ankle straps are also an enemy to get petite girl because they cut you off and make your legs look shorter than they are.

Elect for pointed feet

Pointed toe shoes will elongate and extend the bottom half of your legs. If you really can’t part with flats, a great compromise is a ballet flat with a pointed toe. Pick a pair with a low cut , perhaps even displaying some toe cleavage, as that will make your ankles look slender and your legs look even longer.

Match the colour of your skin for your own shoes and observe your legs immediately gain a few inches.

It is best to stay away from ankle boots as these, like ankle straps, will cut you off and make your legs looks shorter and wider. However, a knee length boot with some detail in the top like a buckle or stitching will draw the eye up and away from your ankles. There are lots of wide-fit choices now available all year round. Choose a pair with a small heel to give you a small boost.


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