How to Find the Right Idea for Your Side Hustle


There is nothing I am more enthusiastic about than helping entrepreneurs find success. I’ve worked with numerous folks interested in starting their own company or facet hustle, and there’s another huge question I continually get — and I bet it’s not what you would think it is. (At least, it’s is not what I thought it would be!)

The question which keeps emerging in one way or another is this:

So many ambitious, self-motivated, and smart people have a desire to start something new but they are convinced that in order to become successful, they require a big, impressive thought.

To find out that exactly is holding people back, I spent significant time researching this challenge. That’s when a pattern began to emerge.

During my conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs, I identified three groups of individuals who are trying to figure out how to locate the correct idea.

Do any of those sounds like you?

1. The Shaky Dreamer


Shaky dreamers feel like they do not have an idea, but they really do. And usually, it’s an excellent idea. But they simply don’t have enough belief or assurance that their idea is great enough to be the thought they ought to pursue.

Sadly they also doubt whether they are able in their abilities to pursue their idea or not.

If you have completed the study and you know the majority of these things are true for your idea, you should shove your fears aside and begin.

2. The Idea Machine

Idea machines don’t only have one idea — they have a million and one ideas. Their struggle is narrowing down their own pursuits and committing to only 1 idea for long enough to really see it.

If you’re an idea machine, it is time to just choose one and go after it. That does mean none of the other thoughts will never see the light of day — you have only got to choose which are the very first idea you tackle.

I frequently see people paralyzed trying to find THE ONE or THE BEST idea. You won’t ever be 100% certain. Locate the one which you feel most connected or you are attracted to and START there. The only way to learn which of your thoughts is going to be the most effective is to try them.

3. The Hopeful Creator

Hopeful founders understand they wish to begin something, but they really have no clue what to do.

In order to come up with the ideal concept, you are going to need to do some critical self-reflection about who you are, what you love to do, and what you’re awesome at. Then, do a little research!

The Way to Find the Appropriate side gig for you

Step 1 Take 10 minutes and write down everything you love performing and everything you’re good at. This can vary from creative skills or business to everything you do on your full-time occupation or even something you’d really like to learn more about.

Step 2: Narrow that list down to one item you may see yourself spending a great deal of time.

Bear in mind, you’re beginning a new company in addition to your full-time job. That means this should be something you are passionate about. You need to be committed, enthusiastic, and unceasing with this. If you’d like it to turn into a fulltime gig, then you are going to need to work when you are tired, putting in extra hours on top of already busy times. However, if it’s worth all the effort, you will know.

Measure 3: The 10-Person Rule

The next step helps you know whether your unwanted gig is well worth pursuing. Follow that link above to discover more.

Step 4: Start creating valuable content

As soon as you’ve your feedback from the 10-Person Rule, it is time to get to work. . Just put up a very simple site and start creating valuable content. The audience you construct by producing great content will form the base of your company in the future.


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